Community Preparedness in the West Adams area is a complex challenge.  

Sixty years ago, the Santa Monica Freeway completely upended the neighborhood make-up. Now, the Expo Line follows a similar geographic path.

In case of a major disaster, bridges and overpasses may collapse and our community could become inaccessible for first responders. provides neighbors with the knowledge and tools necessary to work together for an effective response following emergencies and disasters. Professional responders will not be available to assist you after a major disaster: you become the first responder. If individuals and their neighbors are prepared to mutually assist one another, lives can be saved and property can be spared.

Know Your Risk

Part of disaster preparedness is being aware of the hazards and disasters you might be subject to living in West Adams.

BE PrepareD

Getting ready is much simpler than you think. Doing some small preparation can make a big difference later.

SHarpen your SKILLS

Take proactive steps today and take free training with your family and your community.