March 2021

Instructor Marci Sandell

Marci is a long-time CERT member. She has taught CPR/AED for the American Heart Association for more than 40 years. Additionally, she is retired an EMT (emergency medical technician), radiographer (X-ray), and mammography technician. On any given day, Marci can be found giving her highly regarded “How to Prepare” and “Disaster First Aid” presentations to audiences who experience her own brand of irreverent humor that has them in stitches while learning how to save a life.

Disaster First Aid

Saturday march 20th, 2 PM to 3:15 PM

After a major disaster takes place, most of the first responders including EMT’s and Paramedics will not be available. It will be up to us to take care of the cuts, sprains, bone breaks, and other injuries our family and neighbors will suffer. In this video we discuss some of the most basic first aid techniques  you’ll use on family members and members of your community.

Please note this is not a First Aid/CPR/AED certification class, but it does include elements from that discipline along with some others.