April 2021

Instructor: Chin Thammasaengsri

Chin is the South Bureau Coordinator for LAFD CERT, covering an area spanning from West Los Angeles to the Ports-O-Call in San Pedro. Prior to serving as Bureau Coordinator, Chin was the Battalion 18 Coordinator. In addition, he is active on the LAFD CERT “Call Out” team where he is a scheduler, trainer, and team lead. He is the Public Safety Liaison for the Mid-City Neighborhood Council and president of his neighborhood association: Lafayette Road United Neighbors.

Light Search and Rescue

Saturday april 17th, 2 PM to 3:15 PM

We will show you techniques you should employ when checking in on neighbors and assisting them from their dwellings. Not only will we talk about what you should do to keep yourself safe such as recognizing downed power lines but, we’ll look at helping your neighbors exit compromised buildings as well as looking at the gear you need to possess to make this effort a success.