California is in the “very high risk” category for earthquakes. In fact, California experiences the most frequent damaging earthquakes. The many fault systems running throughout the Los Angeles area can lead to earthquakes of all types and sizes. Many of the buildings have been retrofitted to withstand severe shaking, but you could still face many hazards and dangers.
Large earthquakes create an aftershock sequence that can produce additional earthquakes for many months.

The West Adams area is located in the seismically active region and will likely be subjected to strong grounding shaking.
Small areas along the South Western boundary of West Adams have been mapped as Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault Zones.
These areas contain a mix of single- and multi-family residential, commercial and industrial/manufacturing. A seismic event along a fault zone has the potential to cause surface ground rupture resulting in loss, injury, or death.
The increased intensity of development within certain portions of West Adams would result in a greater number of people exposed to potential seismic hazards.